Authentic Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union in Canada

Welcome to the School of Shaolin Gong Fu "Shaolin Secular Disciple" 加拿大少林俗家弟子武术会.

As a part of the wider dissemination of the spirit of Shao Lin Gong Fu, this website hopes to convey even a piece of the unfathomable depth of history and philosophy of the Shaolin Gong Fu tradition to its readers, with the consent and validity of the Shaolin temple and the great monks Shi Heng Jun 释恒君 and Shi De Yang 释德扬.
Although there are several schools of traditional Chinese martial arts flourishing in China, the school of Shaolin Gong Fu is also an important piece of cultural heritage.,. These arts have been passed down by monk grandparents to monk grandchildren of the same monastery, preserving its unique heritage from generation to generation.

Because of the philosophical nature and sensitivity of its techniques, Shaolin Gong Fu always played an important role in the martial arts world, and that is why the Shaolin monks were also entrusted with the task of spreading it. Practising Shaolin Gong Fu can create an unusually strong catalytic mechanism in the body of the practitioner... This mechanism is acting in a dynamic way and brings forth bold temperament and latent physical power. Over the years, the monastery's reputation has spread worldwide.